Web design: The pitfalls

Websites are immensely valuable to businesses.

They can be vehicles for information, host online stores, or achieve a wide array of other purposes.

Your website becomes an extension of your brand image; capturing your character, ideas, and philosophies.

Getting it right, however, is easier said than done.

Here are a number of potential pitfalls to avoid in your search for web perfection:

Lack of responsiveness

A responsive design is very important because of the fact that people can view websites on any number of devices. You want them to have a great experience regardless, ensuring the site adjusts automatically to suit each device. If the design is not flexible and responsive you can lose potential customers.

Poor usability

This goes hand in hand with responsiveness. The website should allow visitors to find what they need and browse with ease. Any obstacles that get in the way of this – whether it is poor navigation or slow loading – can send people away.

Ineffective content

A website should always be designed with visitors in mind. Sure, it’s a great opportunity for bringing exposure to your products or services, but it’s also important not to get swamped in self promotion. Think about what kind of content visitors are looking for and ensure you provide it.

No optimisation

A website can look fantastic and be packed with quality content but if people can’t find it there’s no way it will deliver the performance you want. You should ensure your site is optimised for search engines so it can be easily found by current and potential consumers.

At Fyber we have a talented team who can offer a comprehensive web design service and help you to get the perfect website. We use our insights and experience to meet the needs of our clients, delivering meaningful designs that combine functionality and compelling aesthetics.

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