Getting ahead with Project Management


Projects come in all shapes and sizes. Each one is unique and requires a specific level of support to ensure it progresses smoothly and within budget.

At Fyber Agency, we offer project management services that businesses will feel really confident in. Our team are experienced, adaptable and dedicated; ready to deliver your projects within pre-agreed costings and timescales.

To help with managing projects we can offer all kinds of useful hints and tips. Here are just a few for you to think about:

1) Be clear on the details

One of the worst things you can do is beginning a project before confirming the details and ensuring everybody is happy with them. This may result in lost time and wasted money. Before starting you should ensure the scope of the work is clear, set and verify goals, and align them.

2) Identify requirements

In order to achieve the goals you need to make use of the right skills. You should identify these early so you can ensure you have the right team in place. The project manager needs to ensure that the skills are aligned and all focused in the right direction.

3) Set milestones

Each project will have different milestones that need to be hit in order to progress towards meeting the goals. These should be detailed so that it is clear when they have been achieved and so a review can be conducted. That way you can keep an eye on risks and make necessary changes quickly.

4) Protect lines of communication

Communicating effectively is central to the success of projects. Without it people could be pulling in different directions or waiting to hear from colleagues before they begin working. Both of these can result in delays and higher costs. Everybody involved should be able to communicate effectively and provide regular updates on progress.

5) Avoid scope creep

This occurs when new elements keep getting added to a project. It can cause major problems, particularly when the original plan has taken a great deal of time and effort to get right and agree with everybody. If the scope does need to change it is better to go through a formal process rather than simply adding new parts.

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