The importance of branding

10 seconds. That’s how long you have to make an impression.

Your brand is your core identity and separates you from competitors within a marketplace, forming the basis of public perception and expectation of your organisation.

Ask yourself: 

What makes us better? 

What makes us unique?

What’s our target market? 

What do people expect from us?

Your brand should address these questions and many more. Thus, getting it right is vital to the success of your business.

Let’s break it down

Assessing the importance of branding is a complex science, yet we believe it can be broken down into 4 broad categories: recognition, business value, consumer trust and cohesion.


Obviously, a compelling logo is the most important aspect of your brand, acting as a space for your business and a foundation upon which to build supplementary brand elements.

In order to achieve optimal recognition, you require a powerful, meaningful and memorable brand image; making a lasting impression on your audience.

Business Value

A greater foothold within the industry, with increased revenues and a stronger market position, will inevitably lead to you becoming a more proposition for potential investors.

Consumer Trust

Brands that make a meaningful and lasting impression on current and potential customers will be strengthening their ability to drive increased sales and revenues.

Effective branding will enable an organisation to build trust and repeat custom over an extended period of time. If you are portrayed by your brand as original, professional and the expert choice in your field, customers are unlikely to go anywhere else.


A brand knits everything together; something evident when it comes to your workforce. Coming together under one image creates a feeling of common goals and increased morale. 

Everyone needs to feel part of something great, especially the people who make you what you are.

Think about football teams. How many times have you heard teams referred to as ‘The Reds’ or ‘Sky Blues’ and known immediately which team was being referred to? Even the colour can form a key element of a brand and bring people together under one common attribute.

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