Our Take: KIA

South Korea based car brand Kia are the latest big name to signal their intent for 2021 with a fresh new brand direction.

The new logo signals a considerable departure from the previous incarnation, with a fresh, joined-up typographic style designed to resemble “rhythmical, unbroken line”.

Gone is the identifiable serif flick to signify conveyor-belt movement, replaced with a combination of acute angles and chamfered edges.

The car industry is rapidly evolving, with greater pressure applied to brands to transform their image into a more future-focused, sophisticated offering.

This new brand delivers on the above, but we feel that this has come at the cost of brand recognition, with the design in danger of fading into a sea of generic contemporary brand styles.

We have had our take.

If the new brand takes 2 steps away from the previous brand, we have taken 1 step back with the aim of retaining all-important brand awareness.

We have incorporated the edgy typographic elements of the new brand along with the oval shape that encapsulates the lettering in the old brand.

We believe our version looks simple, recognisable, classy and aligned with where Kia are positioning themselves within this highly competitive marketplace.

Take a look 👇

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