Making Zoe’s Fancy Cakes stand out

Sometimes we are asked to take part in really fun and creative projects. Zoe’s Fancy Cakes came to us recently with one, tasking the Fyber team with creating new signage and decorations for the opening of their new shop. Although the deadline for the launch was fast approaching, we were up to the challenge!

The project required two different types of signage. The first was an illuminated sign to be placed above the shop front window that would grab attention. It needed to be colourful and brightly lit up. Our team handled the design, fabricated the 3D letters from stainless steel and wet sprayed them. They were then fitted to clear polycarbonate back trays to protect them. Bright white LED modules were fitted to provide halo illumination and make the sign stand out.

The second piece of signage was a projection sign. Again we designed and manufactured it, this time using mild steel and adding powder coating and graphics to the face. A projection bracket was also manufactured and provided, ensuring it would hold the sign carefully.

Our team handled the installation of both signs, ensuring they were positioned in the perfect locations for maximum effect.

The final part of the project was to create, supply, and install eye-catching window vinyl. This was attached to the reverse of the shop door so that Zoe’s Fancy Cakes sticks in the mind of everybody as they leave.

The work was really fun and we got it all finished in time for their big opening day at the weekend.

This is a project we are very proud of, particularly because it allowed us to be so creative with the signage. If you would like to discuss it with us, or have a similar idea in mind, please contact us.