The John Lewis and Waitrose Partnerships

John Lewis and Waitrose have teamed up for the first time to run a joint marketing campaign called ‘& partners’. The campaign and the strapline, ‘For us, it’s personal’ aims to show the stories and skills of its workforce. To appreciate the work that the staff do for the company, they have now been named partners, meaning that all the staff jointly own the business. By doing this they have now set their selves apart from the other retailers that don’t boast about their staff, and this is bound to influence the choice of where the customers shop as the strapline shows that the staff will go the extra mile to give you what you want.

To mark their rebrand and new identities, they have updated their websites to their new branding. They have also updated selected lorries, vans, carrier bags, uniforms, trolleys, marketing activity and internal shop signs. John Lewis have created a brand new own-brand womenswear collection which is their largest ever, consisting of 300 designs. This collection will carry the new name of John Lewis and Partners.

This campaign aims not just to show the appreciation for the staff, but it also aims for the customer to have the best experience they possibly can when in store. Both John Lewis and Waitrose are investing in their staff to greatly enhance product knowledge and skills. They have both created new roles within their companies, such as customer service ambassador roles, healthy eating specialists, training partners to provide a concierge-style service and personal stylists that are able to offer fashion advice. All of this has been done to ensure that the customers feel special, cared for and ultimately wanting to come back.

In conclusion to this, I would say that this rebrand and campaign is great! When rebranding a lot of businesses ignore the customer experience and focus on themselves, but what both companies have done is invested in their staff to provide a knowledgeable and friendly customer experience and this has all been represented by the simple strapline ‘For us, it’s personal’. I also believe that both companies teaming up was a very smart idea because between the two companies you can buy basically anything and as Christmas is only a couple of months away, both reatilers will be looking to take as many customers off their competitors as possible. Don’t be surprised if we see these two teaming up again at Christmas with a heart warming advert that John Lewis are so renowned for.