Media consumption in 2020

There is no rulebook for digital marketing during a pandemic.

Only one thing is guaranteed, organisations need to be dynamic and ready to pivot their marketing output in a time when yesterdays news really is todays fish & chip paper.

Some clients who made the decision to press the ‘pause’ button on all advertising as they looked to take stock of their spending during the pandemic, while others doubled down to capitalise on the new stay-at-home workforce via pertinent brand communication.

With an unprecedented growth in people working from home, people searching the web for information on current affairs has risen beyond all expectation (Twitter have estimated this figure at around 40%).

Our interest in how media consumption has been affected stems from a desire to better advise clients on how to adjust their marketing output to capitalise on new opportunity in a new economic landscape.

This is what we found:

So what can we learn from the data?

It’s clear that media consumption is on the rise. Whether it be due to not being in the office, seeking news on current affairs or satisfying boredom due to the closures of hospitality and retail; the fact is that more people are on their smartphones, for longer periods of times.

Getting your brand communication seen by these individuals has never been more important.

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