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With so many different channels to choose from and ways to engage with customers, businesses can be forgiven for struggling to come up with a dynamic branding strategy.

An important thing to keep in mind is that attending exhibitions, shows and conferences remains a great way to make an impression and develop good leads.

When a business showcases their products and services at an exhibition, show or conference they have the chance to engage directly with consumers. This is a fantastic opportunity and shouldn’t be missed. This is especially true in terms of the largest events in each sector. With creative design and print services you can really set yourself apart from competitors.

The great thing about attending is you can choose the perfect way to present your brand. With the right printed materials you can make a fantastic, lasting impression. But which materials are best?

The most important thing at an exhibition, show or conference is to stand out. This is particularly true if all of your competitors are also in attendance. To make an impact you should look at large format printed materials like banners, display stands, and exhibition graphics. The size, colour and clarity can make your brand jump out, whether you have a small exhibiting space or a large area. If possible, why not choose a full custom backdrop?

Ensuring your brand remains in the minds of consumers when they walk away is important. Printed materials can help here, whether you offer attractive business cards, colourful and informative leaflets and brochures, or something unique like commemorative pens, stickers, key rings, or branded sweets.

The more creative you are with your printed products the better the impact. The Fyber team is here to help you do just that. We have provided design and print services for numerous clients from our Leeds office. We assist them with designing or come up with our own interpretations of their designs. The focus is always on producing materials that promote the brand in the right way.

If you are preparing for to exhibit we can produce a full array of products for you. Contact us to find out more; we are sure you’ll be surprised by how many different branded items we can offer. When it comes to design and print services Leeds has no better specialist than us.

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