A huge job that showcases the extent of our services​

Our team at Fyber have been incredibly busy recently working on a huge, exciting new launch for Lowell. They came to use for our branding and print services and we were very pleased to have the chance to work with them on such an exciting project.

We printed thousands of items to launch their new brand and needed to have them delivered to their office in Leeds and 16 different offices across Europe all of which was managed by Fyber. All of the items needed to be in place prior to the launch date, putting a lot of pressure on us to design, produce, and deliver them within the timeframe.

We were heavily involved in the design of each of these products, offering our extensive experience and creativity to ensure they promoted the brand effectively. Every single item met our very high standards. We produced, sweets, pens, posters, signs, punchbags, notebooks, pin badges, post it notes, business cards all to name a few!

At Lowell’s Leeds office we had to carry out a desk drop on over 2,500 desks. At the same time we also installed 7 brand new large acrylic signs and branded graphics throughout the building. Our team worked on a Sunday to complete the job, ensuring the office was ready for launch and avoiding disruptions to their services.

The Germany side of the project was much larger due to the number of different locations Lowell operated from. Our dedicated couriers worked tirelessly, travelling overnight to reach each destination. All of the items were successfully installed and delivered within the timeframe.

The feedback we received from Germany was fantastic. Members of the Lowell team from many of the offices contacted us to remark on how friendly and efficient our couriers were.

We are immensely proud of the project, both for the scale and the tight deadline we had to work to. The success helps to secure our place as the best for branding and print services in Leeds. It shows how good our delivery and installation services are too.

If you would like to see some of the products themselves you can do just that on the Our Work section of our website. Any questions; simply contact us.

Jobs Included

Bespoke Branded Cooler Bags
Bespoke Perfect Bound Notebooks
Branded White Boards
Branded White Board Pens
Foiled Covers
Canteen Tray Covers
Post Cards
Comp Slips
Business Cards
Branded Rock Sweets
A1, A2, A3 Posters, Printed and Framed