Leeds: A new creative superpower

The position of Leeds as one of the main creative hubs beyond the capital continues to be cemented as in 2020.

The most significant recent boost to the cities’ creative economy is the relocation of Channel 4 to a premises slap-bang in the city centre. Leeds was selected above the likes of Manchester and Birmingham to become the base of their northern operations; bringing in 200 jobs in the creative industry. Leeds is where social content, design collateral and various TV shows will be created for the broadcasting giant. 

Based in the nightclub that inspired the song ‘I Predict a Riot’ by favourite sons, Kaiser Chiefs; the move has already inspired tangeable growth in the creative industry. Production company trade association Pact has opened a northern base in the city, followed by a variety of their independent member agencies. They stated it became the “logical” place to be after Channel 4’s move. We couldn’t agree more. 

Rob McBride, Director of Fyber Agency see’s the continuing growth of the Leeds creative industry as a good thing. “We don’t see greater competition as a bad thing, we want the creative industry of Leeds to just grow and grow. Fyber and the other agencies are only going to produce work of a higher standard if there are more players pushing us to improve and stay ahead of the curve. The end results will be better results for clients and a more prosperous city for everyone”. 

Leeds also represents an architectural scene constantly evolving and looking to set the highest possible standards. From the Trinity shopping centre construction a few years ago to the newly redesigned train station, innovation and imagination is epitomised by the city of Leeds: A new creative superpower.

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