Fyber Guide: How to achieve a successful leaflet distribution

Consumers are swamped with information, making it difficult to cut through the noise and be heard by your target consumers.

With 94% of advertising mail being engaged with, this tangible method of communicating with customers forms a cost-effective and successful channel for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Getting it right, however, isn’t always easy. Our team have compiled a few of our top tips to guide you on your way:

Grab attention

Often, innovative print solutions can provide compelling multi-sensory experiences. In other circumstances, adopting a stripped-back approach – in the form of a simple letter for example – can cut through the noise and be equally as impactful. It all depends on your industry and target audience.

Transcend the print format

In an ideal scenario, you’d want your recipient to continue interacting with your brand beyond the tangible experience provided by your distribution.

One way to achieve this goal is to include elements within the design that are able to transcend the boundaries between print and digital. The primary methods used to achieve this are the inclusion of social media links, QR codes (linking to the desired web location) and, for those pushing the envelope a little further, bespoke landing pages.

Validate your claims

Bold, impactful content is key to effective canvassing campaigns. But there’s no point in making claims that you have no ability to validate them.

Here are just a few of the ways in which you can give added credibility to your service offering:

  1. Customer testimonials
  2. Statistics
  3. Trustpilot (or equivalent) rating
  4. Customer guarantee

Incentivise a response 

Dangling a carrot to the audience of your canvassing campaign is never a bad idea. Whether that be an exclusive discount code to claim an offer, a time-limited special offer or even a freebie or some sort, incentives such as these are likely to generate more interest in your products or services.

Fyber Leaflet Distributions

With an 11-year track record of delivering results to clients via bespoke distribution campaigns, Fyber Agency possesses the experience and expertise to provide the appropriate solution for any print outreach requirement.

Working exclusively with Royal Mail on all campaigns, we provide a service of the highest standard with maximum efficiency and minimum fuss.

Our expert team of designers will create your artwork in a way that will transmit your intended message to a captivated recipient, creating demand for your products or services and establishing a clear action point to be pursued.

Depending on the nature of your artwork specification, we will carefully select the appropriate print specialist from our extensive network to achieve the desired finish.

With your campaign printed, Royal Mail will then distribute your campaign to your intended postcodes in the timeslot you select.

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