Hunters Canvassing

We have been able to develop a great relationship with Hunters over many years of strategic collaboration; providing door-to-door leaflet design, print and distribution for their franchises. 

We are focused on growth and ambitious in our plans for the company – something which aligns with the rapid expansion of Hunters as an organisation. We began working with Hunters when they had 4 branches…. They now have over 200.  

A quick summary of our process:

  • Agree areas
  • Book
  • Confirm and secure the campaign
  • Agree artwork style and options
  • Personalise with branch details and properties 
  • The flyer is then printed, delivered to Royal Mail and distributed to the pre chosen areas. 

Nice, easy and straightforward for branches as possible, allowing you to get back to what you do best. 

Some of our success stories:

Styles and pricing 

Leaflets – A4, menu, A5, 2pp or 4pp from 9.5p design, print and distributionLetters – around 15p, artwork, print, envelope, enclosing and distributionPrint only – Letters and envelopes (Enclosed) from 9.25p.


We can assist with a targeted approach to help you market to the right areas using postcode intelligence and demographic profiling such as property value, second home, council tax, time at address etc

One way to do this, which works particularly well for canvassing is for example we take 20 postcodes and profile each one, we then generate a league table with the higher league position the more densely populated that sector is with your criteria.

Head office use this tool when distributing letters, as they are more expensive we basically target less properties but better suited properties which keeps the budget similar to that of distributing leaflets to a wider audience.

Using head office again as an example there criteria is that of homeowners with a property value of between 100k and 800k, you may think this will produce a large number and whilst it does the tool allows you to target the sectors with the most densely populated so you know are making the most of your distribution allowing you to disregard sectors with a low percentage

How we keep costs down:

  • Use of postcode intelligence and targeting tools
  • Identification of core postcode sectors within your area containing the highest percentage of your target property attributes.
  • This could be house type, house price, council tax band.

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