How do perspectives influence design?


One of the most common questions that come up in regards to design is; what is the difference between good and great designs?

Answering this is immensely difficult and depends on the context, the benchmark, and, most importantly, the perspective. There are generally three different perspectives that matter; the designer’s, the client’s, and the end consumer’s.

A design may be great from the designer’s perspective because of the huge amount of detail involved, from the quality of the texture to how rich the colour palette is. Each designer will tend to look at these things and think about how tough they were to create and how they work together.

A client’s perspective can differ greatly from the designer’s. They tend to be more focused on selling the product and how best to accomplish this. Unfortunately this knowledge does not regularly extend to how to achieve that with a design, especially the intricacies of it. In many cases the huge effort that goes into a design will not get the respect it deserves unless it effectively meets the needs of the client, most notably by increasing brand awareness and sales.

The consumer’s perspective is the most difficult to determine. A great deal of effort can go into trying to predict it but in real terms everybody is unique. Some of the people you expect to respond well to a great design may shun it. Others you didn’t target specifically may fall in love with it. In the end the difference between good and great designs for the consumer is how well they engage with them and their function.

Bringing the three different perspectives together gives you a much more accurate idea of what great design looks like. It should be beautiful for the designs, effective for the client, and engaging and functional for the consumer.

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