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Merchandising is a really great way to get people talking about your brand and enhance awareness of it.

Many types of businesses have used merchandise in the past to establish themselves in the market and become the renowned name they are today. The marketing technique remains very popular as a result of these successes.

Coca-Cola is a wonderful example. They are one of the most recognised names in the world because of the amount of different merchandise they have offered over the years. From branded fridges and vending machines (many of which command high values with collectors to this day) to glassware, clothing, gifts, and novelty items of every size and scale, you can find the Coke name on so many different things.

The great thing about merchandising is that businesses can put their name on practically anything. The most effective products are those that can feature the logo and unique colours. That way people instantly see the brand and think about it.

Useful complementary products can be really great merchandising opportunities. For example a drinks maker like Coca-Cola can offer glassware. That way even if people have another beverage they will consume it from a glass with Coke’s logo on it and think about them. This may not lead to a direct sale but it keeps them in mind.

At Fyber we create merchandise for businesses of every size for all kinds of reasons. Whether it is giveaways for promotional purposes, branded items to be put on sale, or anything in between we can design and produce it. The array of different things we can create is extensive, including clothing, mugs, stationary, and even executive gifts. Each one can feature your logo and artwork.

Our complete design and printing service means we will be here to support you from start to finish. We can even help you to explore your ideas and determine which products will make the best impact. If you need help and want to work with one of the leading companies specialising in merchandising Leeds had, please contact us.

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