Fyber Agency has a new look!

Fyber Ltd, a design & marketing agency based in Rawdon, Leeds, has a new look. From now on, the agency will be known as Fyber Agency and bring an innovative new brand identity to the market.

Despite the economic impacts of the coronavirus on all businesses in the marketing sector; Fyber Agency Director, Rob McBride, has been determined to focus on establish a roadmap towards initial recovery and subsequent expansion.

“The situation around the UK over the past few months has been extremely challenging for everyone. Businesses have taken a big hit and, while it hasn’t been brilliant for us, we are lucky to have a solid client base who are engaging in marketing activities as they seek to re-purpose their businesses in adaptation to the new normal that we all face.

As positive thinkers, we sat down as a team and looked at how to turn this lull in demand into an opportunity to grow and thrive once the economy begins to recover”.

A contemporary, engaging new brand was high on the list – what better way to show your commitment to the future than with a fresh new look?”

The Fyber Agency team have created a brand with longevity that will continue to engage our current client base, while appealing to a wider range of industries.

With plans for expansion involving the doubling of our staff from 10 to 20 over the next 5 years – and perfectly positioned between the Yorkshire Dales and Leeds City Centre, Rob McBride feels that investing in the present will pay dividends in the future.

“We are hugely ambitious. We have started out from scratch, initially operating exclusively in the print sector, and have gradually built momentum towards our current position; employing a full range of creative people, from web developers and digital marketeers to graphic designers and the account executives that keep things running smoothly. 

Yes, the current circumstances aren’t ideal, but we will continue to grow. We have the infrastructure, the people, the experience, the brand and most importantly, the desire to make it happen.”

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