Causes supported in 2019

We feel incredibly lucky to have built a successful marketing & design agency with an awesome client base. We try to give back to charitable causes wherever we can.

The year of 2019 has been no different for us; we have had the pleasure of making the following donations throughout the year:
Hawksworth School is a primary school attended by the children of our Director, Rob. We know that money is tight in the education sector and try to make donations wherever we can along with the regular supply designed of materials.

Comic Relief and Children in Need are two incredible causes changing the lives of people across the UK and beyond. The world can be a horrible place for too many people; thus, the work the BBC undertake to address these issues is admirable. We make an annual donation of £1000 to each cause and 2019 was no different.

Unfortunately, there are still too many families living in poverty in Leeds and beyond; a lot of the time, it is the kids who suffer the most. Leeds Babybank is an incredible cause supplying the essentials to young families, helping them to give their young children the very best start to life. As a small token of our appreciation for the work they do, we donated two cots and two double pushchairs to their cause in 2019.

We have sponsored a number of sporting events and teams over the past year. We admire the volunteer led nature of amateur teams such as Stanningley Rugby Team and Rawdon Old Boys FC; the least we can do is give them a little help in their pursuit of success on the pitch.

We wish you all a brilliant 2020 and beyond!

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