Prime Surfactants

A fresh brand and website with an optimised UX

The Brief

Prime Surfactants, a leading manufacturer and supplier of surfactant chemicals through the north of England and beyond, approached us with a desire to enhance their identity and online visibility.

A totally new brand and website had to be built from the ground up. A brand that compels potential customers into action and effectively communicates the value proposition.

The Process

Our team began by undertaking a thorough process of concept development, with these ideas refined and adapted over time through collaboration with the client.

Once a brand identity was established and the logo finalised, our team began implementing steps towards developing a website with optimal user experience and efficient interface.

Our developers worked to keep things simple, colourful, with an image focused approach bringing the topic to life.

The Outcome

As you can see, Prime now possess a comprehensively aligned brand extending across all platforms; both digital and print based.

Prime are rapidly expanding into new destinations, with larger stockpiles and a thriving client base.

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