Conveying a compelling value proposition with greater simplicity

The Brief

The previous DocAuthority was convoluted and failed to effectively communicate the desired message or generate meaningful leads.

The main benefit of DocAuthority as a service is their ability to take complex problems surrounding data and find simple, efficient solutions. The website should mirror that. No nonsense, just allowing the value proposition to speak for itself.

The Process

After an initial process of collaboration with Docauthority to establish the goals and objectives moving forwards, we began a process of development.

The first port of call in the project was establish a style to fit within the industry.
Our design team opted for an ultra clean layout, interspersed with bursts of colour to give a forward thinking edge to the design.

Having collated written content, we created bespoke modelling tools based on the specifications provided to us by Docauthority; which allow users to calculate savings that would be generated from using the service.

We created a website with the following sections: basis that will form the basis for future expansion:

Home | What We Do | About | Resources | Success Stories | Contact

This will form the basis for future expansion; with more pages, more user tools and a generally more detailed.

The Outcome

Having delivered the project to a high standard and with a quick turnaround, we have placed DocAuthority to generate the leads they have targeted moving forwards.

The site is clean, uncomplicated and centred around an optimised UI; effectively guiding the user journey towards conversion.

Barnaby Davies, Implementation Lead for Docauthority, gave his verdict on the outcome:

“Rob and the team at Fyber provided excellent stewardship throughout a website design, relaunch and associated content development.

In the initial few weeks since the website has gone live, we’ve seen a very favourable improvement in site traffic and leads. This is against a backdrop of Covid-19 and a less than ideal trading environment which makes the results all the more impressive.

Due to the success, we will utilise additional services from Fyber around marketing and search engine optimisation.”

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