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At Fyber our team of web designers are always ready to take on challenging projects because they give us the opportunity to exercise our creativity. From our base in Leeds we can work with clients all over the UK, delivering a first rate service and great value.

One of these we took on recently was for Stairworld. They wanted a dynamic website that allowed customers to design their very own bespoke staircase and order it online. This was a unique request we were more than happy to grant.

As part of the project we designed a new logo for Stairworld. We created a clean, contemporary one for them, ensuring it accurately captures Stairworld’s philosophy. We believe it will prove to be a solid cornerstone of their brand image for years to come.

The website they wanted was very complex and highly visual. Their idea was for it to allow visitors to choose the configuration for the stairs, total rise, number of risers, the tread type and material, amongst many other things. It would even allow them to select the building regulations it needed to adhere to. The project was a big challenge because of its complicated nature but we were more than up to it.

Our service did not end at simply creating the highly technical website. Due to the complexity the back end of the site is very specialised and has a lot of automation. As a result we have to manage and update it on a daily basis so it continues to function effectively. We are proud to provide ongoing support for this client and ensure our team are on hand to provide technical assistance whenever needed.

If you would like to see the wonderful results of this project you can visit the Our Work section of our website.

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