Brands, websites and consumer perception

Brand perception is absolutely every business.

Whether you operate in retail, food & drink, finance, construction or something a bit more niche, the way your customer thinks and (more importantly) feels about your brand is the difference between success and failure

The brand experience doesn’t begin and end with the use and enjoyment of your product or service.

If you are bringing a high quality service offering to market, this should be reflected at every consumer touchpoint; from social media and your website through to literature design and aesthetic quality of your premises.

All these elements contribute to consumer perception of your brand, enjoyment of the buying process and likelihood to engage with you again in the future.

Thus, consistency in your brand message is everything.

Let’s take the food industry as an example. When discussing this sector, we refer to ‘brand‐induced taste perception’.

A 2011 study found that ‘satisfactory sensory quality can suffice if it is coupled with imaginative and daring brand marketing that delivers unique emotional and functional benefits for well‐defined food consumer target segments’.

If average food can taste better depending on the overall sensory experience both during and leading up to the meal, imagine what marketing could achieve for great food.

Using a different example: Apple products are loved by most. But place those exact same products on a budget website; what would happen?

1. Sales figures would dip dramatically

2. The perception of product quality would be heavily impacted on a subconscious level

3. Over time, the price point would be driven down.

Ever noticed how Apple never have to offer discounted pricing? That’s mostly due to their optimal marketing mechanisms.

Your website is the primary method of showcasing your product or service.

Get it wrong and expect mediocrity.

Get it right and you are sure to thrive beyond expectations.

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