Brand Essentials: Continuity


If you really want to unleash the potential of your new brand to its fullest extent, maintaining continuity at every touch point is as important as aesthetic go the brand itself.

Part of building a relationship with your audience of current and potential customers is to build trust and awareness; with everyone knowing exactly what to expect when they interact with you. This is only possible when the stylistic direction of your brand transcends the spectrum of your marketing output. Done well, colours, images and tone of voice will develop a powerful association with your business.

Picture it; a company changes its logo and colour palette on a regular basis, staff members alter the brand voice to suit themselves and the message transmitted on print and digital platforms is inconsistent and confused.

What would happen?

Skepticism would begin to take hold and often irreversible damage would be done to the way that business is perceived.

Our tips for brand continuity success:

  1. Plan ahead. Creating content well ahead of time will allow you to strategise and see the ‘bigger picture’. If a scattergun, last minute approach is adopted,  you may well end up with a confused brand

  2. Commit to being you: Establish a brand direction based around the objectives of your business and stick to it. Stylistic choices can evolve over time, but drastic twists and turns won’t do your business any favours

  3. Develop brand guidelines document: A brand should permeate every component of your business. All members of staff should know the brand inside out, from top to bottom.

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