B2B marketing priorities for 2022

After a turbulent couple of years, 2022 promises to be a year of consolidation and adjustment to a ‘new normal’.

Within this post, we delve into the elements of your marketing strategy that will be key in 2022…

Rebuilding Trust

We live in a time where it isn’t easy to trust.

The lack of face to face interactions, the conflicting messages we receive on a daily basis. It all leads to a place where we have become distrustful towards the things we don’t know.

Buyers are more risk-averse than ever, so B2B marketers must develop a renewed focus on building trust with clients and prospects.

This means developing strategies around the customer experience informed by deeper insights and attention to customer needs — combined with continuous improvements to stay ahead of the competition.

Hybrid Events

Events and exhibitions came to a shuddering halt in March 2020, and, while the industry has bounced back, hybrid and virtual events are here to stay.

It can be a challenge to achieve cohesive synergy between digital and physical, but if that gap is bridged effectively, the potential of your event becomes unlimited.

Should you pull off a great hybrid event, you stand to benefit from increased reach – with more people able to take part in the event across all formats – and longevity, with the digital aspect able to stay live for extended periods before and after the physical event.


Content has always been king. It’s the foundational element of any successful marketing approach.

In 2022, with people spending more time online, the demand for original, authentic and compelling content is greater than ever.

Content that would have wowed 5-10 years ago, can now expect an indifferent reaction, purely due to the sheer quantity – and sophistication – of content on offer.

B2B businesses should increasingly look to build trust and influence purchasing decisions via blogs, online resources, social media and video (and much more!), promoting your organisation as having expert knowledge, unrivalled experience and competitive advantage in your marketplace.

We have helped organisations go from strength to strength during the pandemic, and 2022 will be no different.

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